Birdwood Estate FAQs

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Are contractors allowed to work on weekends? 23733
Are there Telkom lines in the estate? 23521
By what time does the rubbish need to be put out on a Monday? 22820
Can I e-mail / sms photos of suspicious people / behaviour in the estate? 23226
Can I take photographs/videos of suspicious people / vehicles in the estate? To whom can I e-mail them / send them? 4799
How can I help improve birdwood? 23209
How do I make a complaint about contractors in the estate? 22757
How do I make a complaint about noise in the estate? 22955
How do I make a complaint about someone driving too fast in the estate? 22713
How do I pay for the facilities access card? (Cash / Credit Card /Bank Transfer)? 23936
How do I register my domestic worker or gardener? 23434
How do I report a electrical or sewage problem? 23127
How do you gain access to the recreation facilities? 21981
The neighbour across the road (outside birdwood) is dumping rubbish against the birdwood wall. Who do I contact about this? 22724
The vacant stand next to my property is overgrown. Who do I report this to? 23097
What day do they remove the rubbish bins? 23373
What facilities are available to residents of the estate? 23299
What happens if I lose my access tag? 22257
What is the board doing about the outstanding levies? 23124
What is the board doing about the vacant stands? 23234
What is the remuneration of the Birdwood Directors? 23059
When are levies charged? 23444
When are levies to be paid? 23103
When are the squash courts, tennis courts, club house, gym available? What times? 23564
When I get back to the estate late at night, the guards are often sleeping. What should I do? Can I take a photograph /video of them and get their names and to whom can I report this to? 22032
When I see something that looks suspicious on the estate, who do I contact? 22628
Who are the managing agents for the estate? 22913
Who do I contact to get a Telkom line? 24039
Who do I contact with my new telephone numbers? 22873
Who do I speak to about security issues? 23178
Why do I not have access to the Recreational Facilities 2685
Why does the security company escort people to your gate? 23016

Telephone Numbers

Estate Manager
012 259 3948

Management Office
012 259 3948

PWV Control Room
012 259 1980

PWV Security Gate
071 387 0902

012 253 1000

Angor Property Specialists
011 840 5000

Electricity Department
012 318 9502

Fire Brigade
012 305 3333

Madibeng Local Municipality

012 318 9502

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday