Recreational Facilities


Only residents of Birdwood Estate are allowed to use the facilities at the Clubhouse and the Clubhouse area is off limits after 21h00 when not rented. Bookings for the Clubhouse can be made at the Management Office. The recreational area will be closed when the Clubhouse is rented. Signboards (Private Function) will be displayed during this period, this includes the outside area, gym, squash court, swimming pool and tennis courts.

Recreation Facilities

Swimming Pool, Squash Court, Gym, Kiddies Play Park and Tennis Courts

The recreational area is open until 9pm, accept if there is a function at the Clubhouse. A valid recreational card have to be handed in at Security Gate 1 to obtain keys to the different facilities. Recreational cards are issued at the Management Office. To apply for a recreational card we need two ID size photo's, applicants details.

Boat Houses

There are 12 Boat Houses for rent. For more information please contact the Management Office.

Telephone Numbers

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PWV Security Armed Response
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Angor Property Specialists
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Electricity Department
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Fire Brigade
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Madibeng Local Municipality

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