Birdwood Security

PWV Security Services

Quality Statement

It is the policy of PWV Security Services (Pty) Ltd

To continually improve our operations in order to assure the quality and reliability of our operations so that we meet our Clients and all legislative requirements.

The achievement of improved quality services is the result of Management through total involvement of all staff.

In acknowledging the importance of our services to our Clients and in achieving our quality aims, we seek to establish a close and constructive relationship with all our Clients.

All employees have a direct influence on the quality of our services. As a result, compliance with the provisions and objectives of this policy is mandatory to all personnel.

It is the responsibility of the Managing Director to ensure that our organizational policy is understood and implemented, throughout the Organization in compliance with the principles of ISO 9001:2000.

Pieter Frederick

Managing Director

Procedures for Visitors entering Birdwood Estate

When arriving at the security gate all visitors with vehicles needs to present a valid drivers license and pedestrians a valid ID document. The visitors must then indicate which unit he/she will be visiting, whereby the guard will contact the relevant resident. Once the resident confirm that the visitor may have access, the security guard will scan the ID/divers license and the vehicle license disc. Thereafter the visitor can proceed to the relevant unit.

It is important that the owner/tenant residing in the unit supply the estate office with the correct contact number in order for the system be kept up to date and to avoid any conflict between the security and visitors when at the gate due to lack of or wrong information. Visitors will not be allowed access to the Estate should the resident not answer the call from security.

Registered residents MAY NOT open access booms or gates for any visitor by by-passing the formal visitors access procedure.

 Vehicles entering and exiting the Estate may be subject to search by the Estate Security Personnel.


Domestic Workers and Gardeners

All Domestic workers and Gardeners have to be registered at the Estate Managers Office. 

To apply for biometric vinger print, a valid ID document is required. Registration is from 08h00 - 16h00.

Contractors and Sub Contractors

All Contractors are responsible to register workers with a valid ID Document, as workers may not register themselves. No worker will be registered unless in possession of a valid ID document.
No workers will pass through the gates on the back of bakkies or trucks.
All Sub-Contractors must register at the Management Office. No ID No ACCESS!!! Zero tolerance!

Contractors may only enter Birdwood Estate from 7 am and must vacate Birdwood Estate by 4 pm. No workers will be allowed to sleep overnight on site. No employee may remain on the site to "guard" the building.
Weekend work (no work on Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays or during December January Builders holiday).

Telephone Numbers

Estate Manager
012 259 3948

Management Office
012 259 3948

PWV Control Room
012 259 1980

PWV Security Armed Response
071 264 6390

012 253 1000

Angor Property Specialists
011 840 5000

Electricity Department
012 318 9502

Fire Brigade
012 305 3333

Madibeng Local Municipality

012 318 9502

Office Hours

Monday - Friday


13h00- 16h00